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Digital ZONE Marketing

Geo-targeted advertising for Inland Empire businesses.

Get 20,000 Facebook ads for FREE* ($500 value)

* 20,000 Facebook ads free based on minimum initial purchase of 100,000 Facebook ads.

So How Does This Work? 

We will schedule a 20-minute Zoom discovery call with you to get some information about your business and your marketing goals. 


We will use this call to . . . 

What Is Zone Advertising? 

Zone advertising uses location-based digital marketing strategies to reach potential customers in your desired business 'zone'.  No more wasting advertising dollars marketing to consumers outside of your primary market area. 


Zone advertising is FOCUSED & EFFECTIVE.  


Want to 'Own Your Zone'? 

Schedule a demo today, and receive 10,000 FREE Facebook ads* and learn how we can help you grow your business.  

1. Map your business 'Zone'.

We will determine your ideal marketing 'Zone' based on a specific locality, city, or zip code.

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2. Determine customer demographics. 

We will look at your typical customers' age, gender, ethnicity, income, etc.

3. Identify behavioral characteristics of your customers.

We will dig a little deeper, looking at your customers' purchase intent, lifestyle activities, website browsing history, etc. as we can develop a plan of attack.

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We will then recommend a 'Zone' advertising strategy utilizing one or more of the following digital marketing platforms.


Mobile Conquesting / Geofencing

uses location-based, demographic, and behavioral targeting to reach consumers with display and/or video ads on their mobile devices.  You're able to target people based on their online and off-line behaviors.  We can also target your customers in real-time at your competitors, specific locations, or events using Geo-Fencing.  MORE INFO

Facebook & Instagram Advertising

Showing your display or video ads, across all devices, on Facebook, Instagram and on any of the Facebook advertising platforms.  We can also target your customers based on geographic location, behavioral targeting, and retargeting.  MORE INFO

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Native Display/Video Advertising

Your native display and/or video ads deploy across all devices and match the look, feel and context of the website or app where they are seen.  Targeting strategies include; geotargeting, keyword targeting, behavioral targeting, and retargeting.  MORE INFO

Targeted Display Advertising

Your display ads will deploy across all devices, appearing on websites or apps, based on certain targeting strategies including, geotargeting, keyword targeting, behavioral targeting, and retargeting.  MORE INFO

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Amazon Targeted Advertising

We will utilize Amazon targeting data to reach people with your display, video, or OTT ads on, Amazon owned properties and thousands of other websites and apps Amazon has partnered with, across all devices.  MORE INFO

Household IP Targeting

Direct Mail For The Internet.  IP Targeting uses display ads to reach specific homes within your Zone. Your ads will only be displayed to people on your list that have been matched by their street address and their IP address – across all devices. 


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YouTube Video Advertising

YouTube is a fantastic way for your business to target a very specific consumer.  These pre-roll, :15 or :30 video ads play before the content plays. 


OTT (over-the-top) Video Advertising

This is not traditional cable or broadcast TV.  OTT, or Over-The-Top, is video programming transmitted via the Internet. Your :15 or :30 ads appear within the video programming, and can be viewed on any type of internet connected device (Roku, Fire TV, XBOX, PlayStation, AppleTV, ChromeCast, and more). 


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Online Audio Advertising

Your :30 second audio ad will air during online content such as music, podcasts, and sporting events that users listen to on their devices.  MORE INFO

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Get 20,000 Facebook ads for FREE* ($500 value)

* 20,000 Facebook ads free based on minimum initial purchase of 100,000 Facebook ads.

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